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Polylingual education


In 2007-2008 academic years on the basis of the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan dated August 7, 2007 number 387 to identify the main direction of quality education to international standards was initiated a new educational project to introduce training in three languages in 31 special schools for gifted children. 

Taken into account the positive experience in implementation of polylingual education in Kazakh-Turkish high schools, Karaganda regional boarding school "Murager" for gifted children, International School Miras, the Kazakhstan Ministry of Education decided on a phased implementation of training in three languages from 7th grade in schools proposed Astany and Almaty's regional departments of education. 

The project envisages an annual increase of classes and the gradual transition of the whole school to learn three languages. According to the order of RK Ministry of education, Astana and Almaty cities Education Department was asked to organize the work of specialized schools to introduce teaching in three languages of general subjects with grade 7, include the study of one or more subjects of natural-mathematical series in English, Kazakh language and literature, the history of Kazakhstan in schools with Russian as language of instruction - in the Kazakh language in the school curriculum with the Kazakh language of instruction; the Russian language and literature in schools with Kazakh as the language of instruction - in Russian, in the school curriculum with the Russian language teaching. 

According to the Plan of measures on training introduction in three languages RSPC "Daryn" held a series of teaching seminars, scientific-practical conference for heads and subject teachers of the above schools, monitoring on the basis of the academic year was held as well. 

The analysis of educational activities in the above-mentioned classes demonstrated the feasibility of the project. 

Pedagogical collectives of schools express confidence that despite some difficulties which have encountered at the first stage, realization polylingual training of children in modern conditions is actually and necessary. Organized annually on the basis of the school year in special schools with instruction in 3 languages education monitoring the relevance and need polylingual education of children.

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