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National Heuristic Mobile Skills Contest


November 23, 2017

Urker Mitec together with Daryn National Scientific and Practical Centre(NSPC) holds National Heuristic Mobile Skills Contest(NHMSC) among 124 schools and lyceums, which are under Daryn NSPC!


The students all over Kazakhstan will use their gadgets and computers simultaneously to identify the winners of the First Mobile Skills Contest.

The Opening and rewarding will be performed by teleconference with all the regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, with the main console desk at Daryn NSPC.


4 subjects with 5 questions

(can be added by assignment topics)



The Earth and Space

The Culture of Kazakhstan


4 divisions

 5-6 grades

7-8 grades

9-10 grades

11 grade


- you can participate by mobile devices and computers;

- the one starting in the whole country;

- The assignments of the Skills Contest were developed by the scientistsand teachers of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation specially for NHMSC;

- centralized coordination of NHMSC;

- Instant scoring of NHMSC contestants;

- NHMSC timing - 30 minutes.



·         The NHMSC winners will be awarded by Diplomas of first, second and third placesas well as commemorative prizes from Daryn NSPC;

·         According to the NHMSC results 10 schools and lyceums with the highest scores will be awarded by Daryn NSPCCups and commemorative prizes fromContest Organizing Committee;

The Contestants shall register with Urker-Mitec App before November 17, 2017 and familiarize themselves with Contestant Instructions.


You can download the Application here (сделатьссылку).

Install the App, register and participate!

You can also take part in the Contest through browser with the link _____.



The Mobile Skills Contest is organized to implement the Policy Article "Course to the Future: Spiritual Renewal" of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev as well as to realize State Program for Education And Science Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan over 2016-2019, aiming at adaptation of innovative development instruments into secondary education system.   

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