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International relations

  • "Daryn" is a member of the World Council for gifted and talented children;
  • "Daryn" - a branch of the World Exhibition of Science and Engineering;
  • "Daryn" co-operates with MSU named after M. Lomonosov, Moscow Institute of Steel and Rafting, Moscow Institute of Physics and Techniques, St.-Petersburg National research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics on training of gifted youth;
  • "Daryn" has approved agreements on cooperation with International Olympic Committees in Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Informatics, Russian language;
  • "Daryn" takes an active part in International conferences on problem of gifts;
  • "Daryn" has approved agreements on cooperation with "Imaton" (Russia), "Katev" fund and Council of International Physics Olympiad;
  • "Daryn" co-operates with the International Committee of intellectual mathematical game-competition "Kangaroo - mathematics for all";
  • "Daryn" takes part in the International Olympiad "Silk Road", Asian Pacific Mathematics Olympiad;
  • "Daryn" co-operates with the Committee of Asian Physics Olympiad;
  • "Daryn" co-operates with the International Space Camp "SpaceCamp" (Turkey);
  • "Daryn" takes an active part in the Balkan Olympiads on the mathematician among juniors and senior pupils;
  • "Daryn" is a member of the organizing committee and participant of the International Olympiads of scientific projects on the physicist among juniors «the First steps to the Nobel Prize on the physicist»;
  • "Daryn" co-operates with the Center of an additional education of Ryazan (Russia);
  • "Daryn" co-operates with the International space school "Baykonyr" on problems of revealing of exceptional children in the field of sciences «about the earth and space»;
  • "Daryn" co-operates on studying of languages with the International program «ELLIS» (England);
  • "Daryn" co-operates with Scientific institute of mathematics named after Weizmann (Israel);
  • The Temasek Holdings Limited Summer school (Singapore);
  • The Chien-Shiung Wu Educational Foundation Asian scientific camp with support of Academia Sinica Taipei (Taiwan);
  • The Hungary-Kipchak society "Kumaniya" (Hungary);
  • School «Xenia High School» (Cyprus).
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